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Lena Dunham is excited too!

When Lena Dunham signed my copy of her Not That Kind of Girl, I was not only wearing a notmyselftoday.ca mood badge but also visibly EXCITED. And then she laughed and wrote, “I’m excited too!”


#OBAInstitute 2014 @ WestinToronto

MORE Programs Dynamic Inspiration Colleagues Energy CPD Networking Peers Ideas Creativity Special Events Tips Speakers Entertainment Exhibitors Technology Learning Excitement Topics Connections Opportunity Flexibility … than ever before. #OBAInstitute


TECHxpo 2013 @ Toronto

Bringing the latest technology solutions (from cloud computing, social networking in business development to records management and BYOD) to the legal profession, Ontario Bar Association is hosting TECHxpo 2013 TODAY (30 SEP 2013) at Twenty Toronto Street. This is one legal GIG you don’t want to miss.

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Five Bucks

I was commuting on the TTC (subway), fleeing downtown Toronto after work on a cold winter day. The train was packed with people, probably with the same exodus mentality. There was a gentleman, sitting near one of the doors, reading his newspaper, with a grim face on. Then a middle-aged woman, who was ready to […]